• Connection Quality Test Tool

    Actively monitor your 'Over The Top' IP trunks

  • What is CQTTy-Pi3

    An appliance that actively monitors your Over The Top (OTT) IP Trunks

    The Connection Quality Test Tool is an appliance that can be deployed to monitor OTT IP Trunking on the
    One Voice platform.

    CQTTy-Pi3 turns passive OTT IP Trunks into pro-actively monitored connections with scheduled tests that emulate voice traffic. Centralised reporting with trended metrics highlight any SIP traffic issues and alerts with thresholds automatically notify Clients when there are issues related to SIP traffic.

    Test data is held and provides historical trended information about connection quality.

    CQTTy-Pi3 acts as an automated agent generating OUTbound SIP traffic that emulates calls using the same ports and protocols that the OVC webphone uses.


    This continual testing of the connection quality acts as a benchmark for your call centre.

  • Using CQTTy-Pi3

    All the details about our Connection Quality Test Tool Appliance

    24 mai 2019
    1. Installation Unpack the box & check contents.CQTTy-Pi3 enclosure with processor board installed.SD card (installed)Power supplyNetwork cable (RJ45).Plug the RJ45 cable into CQTTy-Pi3.Connect the RJ45 cable to your network switch.Plug the power cord into CQTTy-Pi3.Plug in the power cord to an...
    Click here for the PDF version of the Specification sheet.
    24 mai 2019
    You must be a client. The Connection Quality Test Tool (CQTTy-Pi3) Appliance is distributed to Clients who have purchased Over The Top (OTT) IP Trunking services from One Voice. CQTTy-Pi3 remains the property of One Voice and is distributed to Clients for specific use within their network and is...
    24 mai 2019
    Enclosure CQTTy-Pi3 is a robust appliance that has an enclosure that is manufactured from Anodized 6061 Aluminium with black nylon plastic covers. Proto Armour for Raspberry Pi 3 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum using state-of-the-art CNC equipment and is manufactured in New York, USA....
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