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Connection Quality Test Tool (CQTTy-Pi3)

You must be a client. The Connection Quality Test Tool (CQTTy-Pi3) Appliance is distributed to Clients who have purchased Over The Top (OTT) IP Trunking services from Aizan Technologies Inc.

CQTTy-Pi3 remains the property of Aizan Technologies Inc and is distributed to Clients for specific use within their network and is subject to the Terms of Use outlined below.

If the OTT IP Trunking service is cancelled, stopped or the conditions of use within the Terms of Use are not adhered to, the CQTTy-Pi3 appliance must be returned to

Aizan Technologies at 20 Duncan Street, Suite 201, Toronto ON M5H3G8, Canada.


Operating System

CQTTy-Pi3 is distributed to clients under the GNU GPL license agreement, which can be accessed at

CQTTy-Pi3 test modules

The test modules are proprietary software that has been provided to the Client under license to Aizan Technologies. Test modules may not be reverse engineered, de-compiled or changed in any manner.


CQTTy-Pi3 distributed to clients subject to terms and conditions defined by the Raspberry Pi Foundation (

The operating system (OS) has not been modified and any extraneous add-on software has been removed.

Certain software functionality like wireless Lan and Bluetooth have been disabled and the OS has been locked down.

Note: The OS and test modules are run from the SD card which must not be removed. If the SD card is removed or modified, the CQTTy-Pi3 monitoring service will be cancelled.

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