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User Guide

How to install and use CQTTy-Pi3

1. Installation

  • Unpack the box & check contents.
    • CQTTy-Pi3 enclosure with processor board installed.
    • SD card (installed)
    • Power supply
    • Network cable (RJ45).
  • Plug the RJ45 cable into CQTTy-Pi3.
  • Connect the RJ45 cable to your network switch.
  • Plug the power cord into CQTTy-Pi3.
  • Plug in the power cord to an electrical outlet.
  • CQTTy-Pi3 will power up and connect to the Aizan Connection Testing Servers.

    2. Setting up CQTTy-Pi3

    • Login into the portal.
    • Click on the CQTTy-Pi3 tab.
    • You will see a list of CQTTy-Pi devices that have been deployed on your network.
    • Click edit to and update the following information
      • Friendly name.
      • Location.
      • Description.
    • Select the appliance for which you want to see test results.
      • Note : Each CQTTy-Pi3 has an identification label.

    3. Network & Security

    CQTTy-Pi3 must be installed on the same network that processes webphone telephone calls.
    The following network ports must be opened on your firewall:
    TCP: 80, 5060
    UDP: 5060, 20000, 20001


    CQTTy-Pi3 has the following security elements.

    • The appliance is password protected.
    • The appliance connects to a central server and runs voice emulation tests.
    • The appliance cannot be accessed externally.
    • Test frameworks are updated via the central server only. (When the device connects)
    •  No data is stored on the device.


    • The CQTTy-Pi3 appliance will only work if it has been registered on the One Voice Cloud network.
    • Any misuse or tampering with the device constitutes a breach of the Terms of Use.
    • Device remains the property of Aizan Technologies.


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